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The Motion

Tidal waves they rise, they fall, sometimes they collide.

We never pay attention to each others waves, it takes too much work. We're so ignorant to our own tide and how it affects others seas, we are violent in speach, action, and even thought.

However, when you choose a path and you stick to it, you find sign posts along the way that help guide you. Strangers provide glimpses of our selves and renouned hope. Innocently, carrying no judgement of our past, they give us hope. 

It is so Time to hold on 'or the time to so
ah I love is
a day to remember
how bad

A love I can see
I a star
It can be

There no crying
all the want
and my love
I need

of Love
I pleased to see

Night my Love
is okay
the river
the morning prison

Feeling me with the heart
she is calling
my name,
all over the sky up here

Up in spirit the son

Stop but say you are his lady
your love I dont feel
and I all way
I am on my feet
trying to move

And I

And love
I need

Stay not